Enterprise Record and Document Management 
Welcome to the Era of Automatic Filing !


Unpleasant but absolutely necessary work is being performed every day, in every department of your company:
Document filing.
Eliminate this work !



Risk is generated for your company’s management through possible non-compliance with laws, regulations and directives concerning document retention.
Eliminate this risk !

Your company needs to access its files and documents sometimes many years after they have been filed, to produce them, for government agencies or in court, sometimes as copies and sometimes as originals.
This need persists over the years, even though the staff may have changed and all computers, media and programs have certainly been replaced, several times.

Your company needs WorkLift,
the automatic filing system, that retains copies and where required the originals of your company’s records... automatically!


WorkLift solves the problems of automatically transmitting filing knowledge from one generation of employees to the next, as well as that of automatic document migration on media, operating systems and programs, that will successively replace each other during the retention period.

With WorkLift filing becomes automatic, companies experience considerable savings, documents are no longer lost and become available immediately where needed. Workload is decreased, reactivity enhanced.

WorkLift can be installed today. Every day without WorkLift means:
Money wasted,
Risk incurred and
Competitive advantage lost !